|4 Huge Developments in Online Marketing for Higher Ed (and a few others too)

4 Huge Developments in Online Marketing for Higher Ed (and a few others too)

UPDATE 2/23/16 – Since we announced this webinar, Google has confirmed news that will be a game-changer for paid search. With that in mind, the webinar is now titled “4 Huge Developments in Online Marketing for Higher Ed (and a few others too).”

Please join us to learn about this new, groundbreaking update in digital marketing!


Staying on top of online marketing trends and developments is crucial to the success of your higher ed marketing. The digital marketing space is always changing. Facebook alone releases updates to its marketing platform at least once every few weeks. But some changes are bigger than others, and it’s hard to tell which ones will actually affect you. In this webinar, we’ll discuss three developments we’ve seen in the last several months that we think will have a huge impact on higher education marketers, and how you should consider including them in your marketing strategy:

  • Gmail ads – a new way to use the Google Display network
  • Instagram ads – a new placement available in Facebook ads
  • Facebook detailed targeting – how it works and why it’s awesome

We will also cover a handful of less huge developments that are worth mentioning as well.

Please join us on Wednesday, March 2nd at 1 p.m. (EST)! Register here.

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