|The Relationship Advantage – 4 Points to Improve Recruiting

The Relationship Advantage – 4 Points to Improve Recruiting

University recruiting has become relationship recruiting where students and universities build a foundation of trust and mutual goals, and the recruiter or admissions advisor is the facilitator of this relationship. At JMH, we are passionate about helping individuals attain their educational goals. We approach each relationship with the goal of placing the individual in the right program, where they can learn, grow, and prosper.

To create a relationship as well as education path, we focus on 4 things:

1. Become a part of your student’s support network. Relationship-focused recruiters help their prospective students feel supported from the very beginning. Successful recruiters are part-time cheerleaders, information resources, personal assistants, and sometimes even task masters. Assume your prospective students not only need, but want your help and support as they apply to enroll in your program.

2. Ask great questions. Establish a baseline understanding of each student’s goals, life circumstances, and communication preferences. Engaging in meaningful personal conversations, and asking open-ended questions, allows the prospect to do the talking. Never presume to know what hasn’t already been shared with you.

3. Establish program and individual expectations. Great recruiters are realistic and honest with prospects about the amount of work the program requires. To do this, be prepared to share the number of hours a typical student will invest each week and the kind of work/assignments they will complete. Relationships require trust; and trust requires open and honest communication.

4. Discuss the resources available to the student both during the program and after graduation. This includes contact information for who will support them once they are enrolled in the program. If you engage with students via social media, let them know. This may also include campus resources with online offerings.

After all, the objective is to not simply enroll students, but to educate, enlighten, and facilitate growth. Having a holistic recruiting and admissions process can go a long way in ensuring your mission is fulfilled.

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