|New, Now, Next in Higher Education Marketing Webinar

New, Now, Next in Higher Education Marketing Webinar

Marketing for non-traditional students is still evolving continues to evolve at a breathtaking pace. In this webinar, we will review the changing marketing landscape and cover 5 major trends you can’t afford to ignore.

First, we’ll discuss the continued maturation of major online marketing platforms like Google Adwords, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We’ll also explore new advertising opportunities on secondary social platforms like Pinterest, Quora, and Snapchat. Then, we’ll discuss potential benefits offered by marketing automation tools such as Marketo, Pardot, and Hubspot; and consider several tools/techniques to better manage your organic presence on major social platforms. Lastly, we’ll
explore several techniques in which marketing can extend further into the conversion funnel to support recruitment, admissions, and even retention efforts. You’ll leave with a bevy of new insights into tools and techniques for marketing your programs.

Join JMH’s CEO, Jon Horn, and UPCEA’s Director of Center for Research and Marketing Strategy, Jim Fong, as we share new trends in higher ed marketing.

Wed, Sep 20, 2017 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

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