|Student Academic Success: The Importance of Academic Advisors

Student Academic Success: The Importance of Academic Advisors

By Jennifer John

Academic Advisors play an integral role in the academic success of students in both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. They can coach and monitor the progress of their advisees through the major pitfalls and hurdles that are frequently experienced, including:

  • Time management
  • Motivation
  • Consistent study habits.

The advisor also shares information on course offerings and degree requirements, and assists the student in selecting the right courses to meet these requirements to graduate.

Here are some ways to increase academic success:

  1. Reach out early and frequently – Developing a relationship with each student is the most importance factor in academic success. Establish an email communication plan to encourage students throughout each semester.
  2. Course Orientations — If you are offering online classes, consider an orientation to acclimate students to the world of online learning.
  3. Resource Availability — Develop a list of resources that can help each student progress throughout their academic journey.
  4. Curriculum Guidelines — Recommend that students use a documented flow chart of required courses and potential electives to help guide them through course selection.

According to the National Survey of Student Engagement’s findings, the average student spends about 17 hours each week preparing for classes. Preparation for classes includes homework, reading and any other assignments. The U.S. Bureau of Statistics also places students at 3 ½ hours of daily educational activities, on average. With these time commitments in mind, encouraging students to be consistent in their class attendance and study practices will make an impact on their success.  Encouraging your students to utilize their own calendar system to stay on top of deadlines, critical assignment submissions from class syllabi, and exams will increase academic performance and ultimately lead to their graduation.

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