|Kennesaw State University – Marketing Case Study

Kennesaw State University – Marketing Case Study

The Background

Kennesaw State University approached JMH Consulting about marketing healthcare certificate programs.

The Approach

To maximize the budget, JMH bundled the programs, for which there existed a significant overlap in audience. JMH launched marketing, with a goal to generate inquiries, on Facebook, Google and Bing.

To allow for a more customized follow up to the student inquiries, JMH created a landing page with an inquiry form that allowed students to select a program in which they were interested.

The initial engagement lasted 6 months and generated impressive results.

The Results

Over the life of the engagement, JMH optimized the campaigns, which saw a steady and dramatic increase in the number of leads generated each month while, at the same time, a steady and dramatic decrease in the cost-per-conversion.

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