|Marketing Case Study – Purdue University

Marketing Case Study – Purdue University

The Background

Purdue University offers top-ranked online engineering master’s degrees. JMH partnered with Purdue to market a handful of these degrees including, one of their most popular, the Interdisciplinary Master of Science in Engineering.

The Solution

To improve already-strong conversion rates for this program, we ran an a/b test between two landing page variations. The original variation utilized a straightforward “reach out for more information” call-to-action, while the second encouraged prospects to review a sample plan of study for their program of choice. The second variation resulted in a 33% increase in lead conversion rates during the test.

To drive traffic to the two landing pages, we ran online marketing campaigns on multiple platforms. This ensured Purdue received a healthy mix of prospects at different points in the awareness funnel and maintain a competitive overall cost-per-conversion.

The Results

The marketing for Purdue’s Interdisciplinary program saw fantastic results with the visitor to conversion rate as high as 10% for Facebook and 8% for Google with the cost-per-conversion as low as $45 for Facebook and $50 for Twitter. In one month, the two landing pages generated more than 120 leads – more than maximizing results within Purdue’s budget.

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