|Wheelock College – Enrollment Case Study

Wheelock College – Enrollment Case Study

The Background

Wheelock College partnered with JMH Consulting in 2014 to increase enrollment in their niche Master of Science in Educational Studies with a focus on Elementary STEM. The program, which advances mathematical and scientific knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge for elementary teachers, required an innovative approach to marketing and recruitment.

The Strategy

JMH identified several online platforms and traditional print mediums that we believed could be used to reach this unique audience. However, because Wheelock College is not well known outside the Boston area, our efforts in the first year went into brand awareness marketing campaigns.

Once we established Wheelock as a viable option among the target audience, JMH turned its focus to the program marketing. After several tests across online platforms (including keyword research, ad scheduling, and hard offer incentives), we narrowed our campaigns to use flight-based campaigns. We only ran social campaigns in seasonal spurts during times when teachers were likely to be most responsive (holiday and summer breaks, late evenings, etc.).

The Results

After implementing flights, Wheelock’s Elementary STEM Master’s program saw an increase in qualified leads at lower Costs Per Lead. Before the flight (which started around Spring 2016), Wheelock saw an average of 18-25 leads monthly at an average cost around $150 per lead and an Average Conversion Rate of about 1.5%. However, after implementing flights, the average monthly leads increased to 25-30 at an average cost around $100 per lead and an Average Conversion Rate of about 3%.

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