|Richmond University – Marketing Case Study

Richmond University – Marketing Case Study

The Problem

The University of Richmond’s landing pages were not mobile friendly and did not render correctly on smart phones and tablets.

With significant increases in mobile users, this problem was costing Richmond potential conversions, and was wasting marketing dollars on paid social and search ads that appeared on phones and tablets.

The Solution

JMH provided guidelines and consulting on best practices to help Richmond build out new mobile friendly landing pages.

Because the client relied on a university team to build the landing pages, the timeline for making the necessary updates was significantly delayed. To protect Richmond’s paid marketing ad investment, JMH removed Google AdWords and Facebook ads from mobile and tablet placements.

The University of Richmond’s School of Professional and Continuing Studies went through a department-wide website redesign in the summer of 2015, which included mobile-responsive landing page design

The Results

The implementation of the new landing pages and subsequent expansion to mobile and tablet ad placements had a significantly positive impact on awareness and lead generation from Google and Facebook ads.

Google AdWords Paid Search

The data below includes Nonprofit Studies data for a period of time before the activation of mobile ads in AdWords, and data for the same period of time after the change.

Richmond’s Google AdWords paid search campaign experienced the following:

  • 122% increase in clicks
  • 21% decrease in the Cost Per Conversion
  • 186% increase in conversion volume

Facebook Performance

The expansion to mobile placements on Facebook resulted in a significant increase of impressions, clicks, and leads. Mobile and tablet placements drove the following metrics after the expansion compared to desktop placements.

  • 420,508 impressions vs 11,523 from desktop
  • 1,351 clicks vs 54 from desktop

Bottom line – the expansion of marketing efforts to Mobile Devices, in combination with other efforts, increased total leads by 181%.

“JMH consulting brings a very fresh approach to the online marketing process. Change is a constant in online marketing, and we like having the industry experts at JMH on our side to help us keep up with the latest strategies and advertising options. In addition to understanding the variety of online advertising platforms, they understand continuing and professional education. And best of all, they understand the University of Richmond and our brand. They’re a true partner!”

James Campbell

Marketing Director of The University of Richmond’s School of Professional and Continuing Studies

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