|Western Michigan University – Marketing Case Study

Western Michigan University – Marketing Case Study

The Problem

Western Michigan University’s SPADA paid search campaign on Google AdWords was not performing strongly. Average cost per click was high, and the campaigns were driving traffic to a general department page, resulting in a lower conversion rate. These factors both contributed to high overall cost, and limited the volume of clicks and leads that WMU could get for this popular program.

Below is the page to which WMU’s original campaign sent visitors.

The Solution

JMH launched a new Google Paid Search campaign for WMU’s SPADA program, following best practices for campaign structure, bidding, ad copy, and keyword targeting.  We optimized and managed the campaign, eventually splitting it into two separate campaigns – one targeting local searches with on-campus program ad copy, and the other delivering more distant searchers with ad copy specific to online offerings.

We also designed and developed landing pages for WMU’s SPADA program, containing an inquiry form to directly capture leads. One page was designed specifically for the Online campaign.

The Results

JMH’s new campaigns for SPADA along with the implementation of landing pages had a significant positive impact on lead volume and total cost for SPADA marketing.

The dark blue line in the chart below demonstrates the increase in converted click (lead) volume after the launch of JMH’s SPADA campaigns, with the light blue line representing converted clicks generated by the old campaign.

In the next chart, the dark blue line represents the conversion rate for clicks on ads. You can see that the new campaigns have outperformed the old campaigns in almost every quarter since launch. As expected, the addition of the online campaign had a slightly negative impact on total conversion rates. However, this campaign has significantly increased click volumes, contributing to awareness.

Finally, the charts below demonstrate the significant positive impact on cost per conversion, and cost per click.

Overall, JMH’s new campaigns along with new landing pages resulted in the following performance improvements:

  • 126% increase in leads
  • 89% increase in conversion rate
  • 75% decrease in cost per conversion
  • 46% decrease in total cost
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