|A Few New Tips For Engaging with Your Prospects

A Few New Tips For Engaging with Your Prospects

Jennifer John

The value of well-designed marketing efforts to obtain qualified prospective student leads goes without saying. At JMH Consulting, we continually monitor the marketing channels that produce the highest conversions at the best costs per platform. Once those leads arrive, the critical role of the advising team comes into play with a combination of phone calls, individual email responses, and information prospects need to choose your program.

What do you do if the lead is not responding to calls and emails? Beyond customized communication plans that are delivered through a CRM or other types of systems, what else can be done? Do you have the resources to call leads during non-business hours or over weekends to ensure that you are reaching busy professionals when they are available? What happens if you call during those non-traditional hours and you are still not reaching your prospect?

Here are a few effective tools to use to connect with those non-responsive prospects:

  • Calendar Systems: Let them control their own schedule by selecting a convenient time to meet with you. There are a variety of cost-effective systems available to choose from – everything from those integrated with your CRM to stand-alone versions. The ease of using a simple version by sharing your Calendar link in an email, signature line, or text message gives the control back to the prospective student. They will only see available time slots and can schedule an appointment within seconds based on their preferred time to meet.
  • Texting: SMS Correspondence has become increasingly more popular with the rapid growth in mobile devices users over the past 20 years. More than ever, prospects engage with technology to supplement their educational pursuits, whether it be completing inquiry forms to connecting with their admissions advisor. Using text messages to set a phone call appointment, share progress with an application, or share upcoming deadlines gives the user an easy and quick way to respond and move forward from inquiry to student.

The ability to provide your prospect with a few different options for a conversation will make a difference in your enrollment numbers. With the ever-increasing competition for student enrollments, utilizing additional methods to connect at the right time with your prospect are a great enhancement for advising teams to improve response rates and ultimately increase enrollments.

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