|Case Study: 104% Enrollment Growth at JMU

Case Study: 104% Enrollment Growth at JMU

The Background

After successfully launching and managing three certificate programs for James Madison University, JMH won an Enrollment Management engagement at JMU for multiple credit certificate and degree programs.

The Strategy

James Madison University’s programs included two master’s degrees, one degree-completion program, and five credit certificates and were all offered online. JMH worked with JMU to build a website for the university’s online offerings. This website became a resource for the programs, which JMH helped to manage as well as for other departments. JMH allocated a marketing budget for each program and created distinct targeted personas. To attract new inquiries, JMH created online ads using platforms such as Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Marketing was combined with a high-touch approach to advising. Counselors promptly followed up with new inquiries and guided them from the application process to graduation.

The Results

JMH launched marketing in June 2016. Looking at enrollments, beginning the following calendar year in comparison to the calendar year prior to launch, JMU saw a dramatic increase in enrollments across all the programs. The M.S. in Information Security saw a more than 300% increase in enrollments. The Adult Degree program (JMU’s degree completion) saw a 67% improvement. Education Technology saw a more than 100% increase in enrollments. Results are shown below.

“Our enrollment management partnership with JMH is a true partnership in every sense of the word. Their staff work together, in coordination with our faculty, to represent the university professionally and with strong alignment with our identity, and we trust that they are saying the same things to students that we would say if we had the resources. We have learned so much from them about the way we approach the work that we do, and they are consistently excellent and responsive partners.”

-Sarah MacDonald

Assistant Dean

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