|The Benefits of Lead Ad Forms for Lead Generation

The Benefits of Lead Ad Forms for Lead Generation

With a pronounced focus in recent years on user experience, and perhaps shorter attention spans from those users, keeping your social lead generation process concise has become increasingly important. The common approach involves an eye-catching ad, a compelling call-to-action, an informative landing page, and a persuasive offer that guides the user to a form fill-out. All of that occurs across at least two or three separate pages (or for mobile users, separate applications).

It’s no secret that some percentage of potential leads will drop out along the way, simply because the process is too complicated or too burdensome.

Enter Lead Ad Forms. First introduced by Facebook in 2015 and matched by LinkedIn in 2017, Lead Ad Forms include all the same elements, but allow prospects to complete the inquiry process without ever leaving the platform. Instead of being redirected to another location after clicking on an ad, users are served a native form directly in the Facebook or LinkedIn interface. And because users are logged in to the platform where their personal information is already stored, these Lead Ad Forms can pre-populate name, phone number, email address, or any other field available in a user’s profile. All that is left for the prospect to do is confirm the information and submit.

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s just two clicks start-to-finish.

This approach has quickly alleviated two of the biggest pain points for users: Having to complete too many steps and having to manually enter their personal information, especially if the form requests more than three or four fields. These frustrations have only been magnified by the rise in mobile usage – being directed to an entirely different mobile application is much more noticeable than the loading of an extra browser window on desktop.

Once the leads have been collected, you can manually export them from the social platform or easily integrate with third-party tools (CRMs, marketing automation platforms, etc.), meaning with your already-established lead generation funnel.

Thanks to the benefits already mentioned, the use of Lead Ad Forms will often lead to a higher conversion rate and a lower cost-per-conversion. There is, however, a question of lead quality. Someone who took the time to complete a more detailed and intensive inquiry process is more likely, ultimately, to be deemed as a quality prospect. It’s not difficult to imagine why Lead Ad Forms may attract more “looky-loos.” Because of this, it may be wise to include an extra bit of communication in the follow-up process. Reach out via email or phone to ensure their information is correct and up-to-date, or provide further context on your offer to confirm proper interest. Then, push them through the normal procedures as you would with any other lead.

For a better user experience, and to boost lead generation volume, try out Lead Ads Forms with your Facebook and LinkedIn ad campaigns. Click here to see some well-crafted examples.

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