|The Value of Building Relationships with Prospective Students

The Value of Building Relationships with Prospective Students

Recruiting based off building relationships with students is the most successful kind of college recruiting — and the kind that students relate to the most. The advisor and the prospective student form two sides of the coin; they are both working to impress the other. This allows advisors to form relationships built on mutual interests. Whether that involves the completion of their degree or progressing through a master’s program, it’s a win for both parties.

At JMH, we are very passionate about how we approach students – often utilizing an approach based on building relationships with students, understanding their educational needs and having a keen sense of knowledge about the programs offered.

As Enrollment Advisors, we believe that it’s important to help prospective students feel supported from the very beginning. Establishing baseline knowledge of a student’s goals, life circumstances, and communication preferences will help inform further outreach and communication efforts. Additionally, establishing expectations and discussing the resources with each student will build a solid relational foundation between your university and the students you enroll.

Motivating students and encouraging engagement is not an easy feat for Enrollment Advisors. While much of the motivation is essential to the student, Advisors play a vital role and can be proactive in cultivating student engagement. Increased student engagement and motivation is the key to academic and behavioral success.

All Advisors must also ask great questions to create trust between the student. It’s easy to make assumptions that result in closed-ended questions, but engaging in meaningful conversations that allow students to do the talking is an important way to enhance and empower students to feel supported. Embrace advising by building relationships and asking great questions.  Also, remember to give expectations in the beginning talks to set the prospective students up for success.

The insights obtained through calls and emails provide interactions that will then ultimately form and empower the university to improve outcomes on a larger scale, while also growing future enrollment by recruiting more and better-fit students for the institution. After all, the objective is to not simply enroll students, but to educate, enlighten, and facilitate growth.





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