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About Us – A Brief History of JMH

JMH consulting builds solutions that strengthen universities – and our impact continues even after our engagements end. Helping higher education partners expand their reach is our passion.

JMH Consulting was founded in 1998 and has worked with non-traditional, higher education departments since 2002. Since our transition into higher ed, we have injected innovation into our strategies and solutions. For example, were among the first to use online marketing platforms like Google Adwords to support our university partners. Today, we bring our entrepreneurial spirit to enrollment management – using techniques that are high-touch and high-tech.

We offer a range of enrollment growth solutions for leading higher education institutions. From full service Enrollment Management to digital marketing solutions and strategic planning; we’ll customize a solution that fits your institution’s needs. Joing the dozens of universities that have benefitted from our marketing services; including CSU Long Beach, UC Irvine, Brown University, the University of Oklahoma, the University of Richmond, and the University of South Carolina. We have helped launch certificate programs at universities including Emory University, Southern Methodist, and Virginia Commonwealth University. Looking for a more comprehensive solution? We help universities grow programs and revenue through our Enrollment Management solutions at universities like the University of New Haven, Lawrence Tech University, and James Madison University.

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Our Executive Team

Our Clients

Our Guiding Principles

We care deeply about education and love the learning experience (both formal and informal). We also work hard to craft the client relationships that are effective and fulfilling for both parties.

Our solutions pay for themselves

We are never a cost center. If we can’t articulate how you’ll recoup your investment either during the engagement or in a reasonable time afterward, then we won’t recommend the project. To us, the only way to build long-term relationships is to add measurable value to your bottom line.

We link compensation to results

We’re not afraid to put our money where our mouth is. Whenever possible, we prefer a compensation model that includes a performance based component. You might think we’re confident in our ability to deliver, and you’d be right. But we also strongly believe that the best working relationships are those in which two organizations share a common goal of success.

Both our Enrollment Management and Marketing solutions link our compensation directly to your success.

We involve you in our solutions

We are not an outsourcing firm. We engage you in the process, to leave you better equipped when the project is complete. Every project is a chance to teach, to learn, and to strengthen our relationship with you. If we aren’t working together and sharing information, neither organization is getting all they can out of the engagement. View some clients with whom we’ve worked.

We weave learning into each engagement

As adult educators, we believe learning should be part of every project…not just reserved for the classroom. As you’ll see, we weave learning opportunities into our work and our relationship with clients. We share articles, deliver webinars and training courses, and present frequently at industry events. Explore our blog and webinars to learn more.