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Chaniece Pollock

Marketing Analyst

Chaniece is joining JMH as a Marketing Analyst with two years experience in digital marketing. With an emphasis on search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, paid search, and website optimization, she has the necessary knowledge to assist clients in achieving their digital marketing goals with the assistance of a great team at JMH.

With JMH, Chaniece will be focused on optimizing campaigns based on a compilation of analytics. She is excited to continue her experience with lead generation and help propel clients in generating increased student enrollment.

Chaniece graduated from the University of Utah with an honors degree in Psychology. This knowledge assists her in understanding the uniqueness of user behavior and helps her tailor marketing strategies to their specific needs and wants. She currently lives in San Diego and loves going to the beach and enjoying the many different restaurants and events that her diverse city has to offer.