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Danielle Coley

Senior Marketing Analyst

When it comes to marketing content development, quality assurance, and branding strategies, Danielle Coley brings a high level of competency and expertise to JMH Consulting. In her role as the Online Marketing Consultant, Danielle helps to develop, execute and refine advertising strategies on behalf of JMH’s ever-evolving list of higher education clients. She also works in tandem with the marketing team to ensure that JMH consistently employs innovative and cost-effective messaging across all campaigns.

Danielle provides copy-writing and strategy-development services to increase program awareness and enrollments for JMH’s university clients. Outside of her day-to-day functions, Danielle is also responsible for increasing JMH’s presence as a premiere higher education consulting firm by regularly maintaining and regulating the company’s web presence.

When Danielle isn’t crafting stories or marking up pages with her famous red pen, she’s typically spending time with her 9 year old son Isaiah or finding quaint, artsy things to get into over the weekends. A native of Norfolk, VA, her love for the beach and connection to its strong military presence have been met and matched with her heavy appreciation for the arts culture in Atlanta, GA. On any given Saturday, you can find her perusing cool specialty shops in the Arts District or attending an arts festival in Piedmont Park.

Danielle received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Norfolk State University and her Master of Arts in Cinema-TV from Regent University.