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Nicole Foerschler Horn

President and Senior Consultant

Nicole Foerschler Horn’s passion is helping organizations clarify their vision and build straightforward strategies to meet goals. As President of JMH Consulting, Nicole oversees business development and the delivery of all client projects. She has worked with top universities including Southern Methodist, the University of South Carolina, and the University of Richmond to identify and, in many cases, help launch new academic offerings. In the early 2000s, Nicole also served as the acting manager of Corporate Learning for Emory University, where she created an onsite training department producing annual revenues of more than a million dollars while building corporate relationships with companies like the Home Depot, UPS, and Coca-Cola.

Nicole oversees JMH’s client relations and works closely with university partners to ensure expectations are met or exceeded. University leaders who have worked with Nicole talk about her accessibility, willingness to create solutions, and ability to “get it” when problems arise. Nicole is proud of JMH’s customer-centric approach and ensures that sentiment is expressed during each engagement.

Nicole blogs about higher education topics and has spoken at conferences across the country and abroad. Her talks explore topics such as how to implement strategic plans in higher education, assessing markets in program selection, and creating a culture of measurement and accountability toward goals. Nicole has been a presenter for UPCEA’s national and regional conferences, ACHE’s national and regional conferences, CMED, and CAUCE – to name a few.

Nicole is the wife and business partner of Jon Horn and mom to Gavin and Hayden Grace. Little known facts about Nicole: she began her professional career as a television reporter; she refined her “Southern ways” working at a Waffle House in Woodstock, GA; she sold kitchen knives to help pay for college; and, as a child, she wanted to change her name to “Starbright” , but relented when her parents  bought her a cat to name instead.