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K.I.S.S. Your Prospective Students

The KISS principle states that simplicity should be a key goal in design, and that unnecessary complexity should be avoided. Unfortunately, the KISS principle is more difficult to apply to a university application process. That’s why marketers must work hand-in-hand with the recruitment team to create a simple and straightforward path for a complex and sometimes scary process for a prospective student.

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The Dating Game: 5 “Must Ask” Questions for Prospective Students

Determining if a student is right for your program is similar to being on a blind date. When you first initiate contact, a lot of times the only information you may have on the potential student is simply their name and general contact information. So, how do you determine if this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, or if this is just a one night stand? At JMH, we utilize 5 questions that allow us to determine if the student’s desires meet that of our own (or our university partner’s) and to determine if our relationship is ready for the next level.

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New Program Research – From the Outside Looking In

New programs are the lifeblood of continuing education departments. The challenge CE units face is finding programs that meet a market demand and make an impact on the bottom line. This session will introduce you to a process for identifying and selecting new programs. Take into account not only market research, but also the strengths of your university and the capability of your department.

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Stop Making It So Difficult

If you work at a university, you know the increasing importance of robust program enrollments. But, is it easy for prospective students to let you know they are interested? Do you make it easy for students to talk with you and/or ask questions? The resounding answer for many universities is “NO!” Here are some things to help.

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