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JMH Consulting partners with universities to generate leads, recruit qualified students and retain them through the completion of their degree. We start with best practices in marketing, recruitment, and retention; and customize those standards for each of our partners.

JMH’s approach is unique in that all marketing and recruitment is customized for the University and, where possible, built within the University’s infrastructure. At the end of the partnership, the University takes ownership of all the marketing, enrollment, and retention capital built by JMH.

As a consulting firm, our first goal is to make your department better and stronger. Ultimately, we make your life easier, your programs more attractive to prospective students, and your department more profitable to your university.

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The foundation: Marketing and Lead Generation

Over the course of our 15+ years of higher education consulting, program development, and marketing, our firm has been instrumental in the growth of more than 100 higher education programs – each with unique challenges and opportunities. We know what works. We get results.

We employ a multi-modal marketing strategy that aligns your ideal target audience with your brand. Our unique marketing processes are customized for your institution and your program, resulting in a marketing and enrollment strategy solution built to last beyond our engagement.

The follow up: Recruiting and Advising

Using a high-touch approach through phone calls, texts, email and social media — our enrollment counselors inform and encourage qualified prospective students to apply. Our team will act as an advisor and point of contact throughout the application process. We use call center technology with a one-to-one, consultative approach. Furthermore, any prospective student that we engage, remains assigned to your school – we never advise a prospective student to consider a different JMH client.

The support: Retention

Your student’s journey does not end with their acceptance. Ongoing engagement is key to ensuring they complete the program. Our retention includes a high-touch combination of coaching, gentle reminders, and regular check-ins. This approach ensures the student feels supported and can be successful in their academic journey.

Program Roadmap

We have deep expertise in programs for adult students. This translates into helping colleges and universities select programs with high market demand and alignment with your school’s brand. We work with you to identify obstacles that keep prospective students from applying and benefits that should be highlighted when discussing a program.

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Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning and management methodology developed by Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton. Implementing the BSC:

  • Translates vision into operational goals
  • Links strategic goals to individual performance
  • Improves business planning
  • Creates buy-in and clarity for team

We have developed a proprietary methodology that uses a Balanced Scorecard approach for higher education. Our method has proven to create buy-in and accountability for individuals. It also creates a plan with measurements you can use immediately.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Without doubt, JMH has exceeded every expectation that I had. I have been lucky enough to be working with the firm to facilitate many aspects of our online masters degree program. Not only has JMH increased enrollment by percentages that any college would be proud of, but they have done it in a professional, ethical and extremely pleasant fashion. I recommend JMH without hesitation.”

John DeCarlo, Department Chair, University of New Haven

“Our enrollment management partnership with JMH is a true partnership in every sense of the word. Their staff work together, in coordination with our faculty, to represent the university professionally and with strong alignment with our identity, and we trust that they are saying the same things to students that we would say if we had the resources. We have learned so much from them about the way we approach the work that we do, and they are consistently excellent and responsive partners.”

Sarah K. MacDonald, Assistant Dean, James Madison University

What Our Clients’ Enrolled Students Are Saying

“I wanted to say that I really appreciate these emails and phone calls that you do, to see where we are and how things are going. I tend to be a very vocal person if I have an issue, but sometimes I get so busy that I don’t ask the little questions and you have been a great help along the way …

Email from Student to JMH Recruiter acting on behalf of the University

“This is one of the primary reasons I chose UNH… I got the impression from talking to your admissions office…that even though your school is across the country, that everyone there cares about the students on an individual level and it’s been very nice to see that is the case. Keep up the great work!”

Email from Student to JMH Recruiter acting on behalf of the University

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