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We’ve provided assessments for more than 60 universities. Our assessments are quick, objective, and result in actionable recommendations that you can implement to improve your marketing or website immediately. Below are the assessments we currently offer:

Checkout System Review – $975

A primary goal for most non-degree program websites is to convince visitors to enroll online. In fact, websites usually account for more than 50% of non-credit enrollments. Our checkout system review combines expert review, user-testing, website analytics data, heatmaps, and recorded visitor sessions.

The resulting recommendations will help you generate more enrollments and more revenue by improving your enrollment checkout process.

Google Analytics Configuration Review – $475

Google Analytics has become significantly more sophisticated during the past few years. There are now dozens of configuration options and correctly configuring these options can make the difference between accurate or inaccurate data and thus is essential to making good data-driven decisions about your website.

Our Google Analytics Configuration Review ensures your analytics account is correctly configured for your departmental or division website. We conduct an detailed review of account-level, property-level, and view-level settings. Our analysis includes ensuring that the correct tracking code is accurately installed on your website, that remarketing is enabled correctly, that any Adwords accounts you have are sharing data with Analytics, that data about searches on your site is captured correctly, that conversion goals are configured correctly, and much more.

Google Analytics Performance Review – $475

Google Analytics provides a wealth of information about your website visitors and their behavior including how visitors arrive at your site, common phrases used to find your site on search engines, bounce rates, and the pages most frequently visited.

Analytics information is used to assess the performance of your website through objective evaluation tools and expert review. This multi-faceted review establishes baselines and identifies opportunities for improvement. These metrics also serve as an anchor from which to measure your subsequent marketing improvements.

Search Engine Optimization Review  – $475

Most higher education sites receive nearly half their visitors from search engines. Furthermore, search engines are a great source for leads, since searchers are actively in the market for education!

Evaluating a website’s search engine optimization requires a combination of automated tools and expert review. Our consultants will conduct a 16-point review to assess whether your site follows best practices in search optimization. We will also conduct an automated scan of your site’s performance on major search engines using a sample set of program-specific search terms likely to be used by prospective students and compare your ranking with up to two competitors. The results will be compiled in a detailed report, along with specific recommendations for improvement.

The resulting recommendations will help you rank better on major search engines for search terms likely to be used by your audience and bring additional qualified prospects to your site.

35-Point Website Review – $475

Your website is a cornerstone of effective recruiting and of supporting students. Prospective students must be able to find your site, locate information they need, and apply or enroll. Existing students also rely on the site for information and often much more.

Our Website Review assesses the current state of your website and identifies opportunities for improvement. In this review, our consultants will examine 35 specific factors of your website focusing on the following areas: layout, content, navigation and architecture, functionality, calls-to-action, URL structure, and its overall purpose and focus.

Afterward, we’ll prepare a detailed report specifying how your website performs in each area and provide specific recommendations for improvement.

Paid Online Marketing Review  – $475

Paid search and social media ads are valuable, but expensive ways to reach qualified prospects. If you use Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, or LinkedIn ads to bring people to your site, we can evaluate a set of those campaigns and recommend ways to decrease cost and/or bring more qualified traffic to your website. We’ll also review your landing pages and recommend changes to keep people on the site and convert them into leads or enrollments.

30-Point Landing Page Review  – $475

Landing pages are now commonly used by most schools as destinations for paid online marketing. Effective landing pages are a critical component in any marketing and recruiting strategy, so ensure that yours are following best practices.

Our landing page review analyzes one representative landing page, and most schools then apply the recommendations to other pages. In the review, we study aspects of the page related to layout, content and branding, mobile accessibility, load speed, and conversion optimization. The resulting 8-10 page report contains invaluable recommendations on how to improve your landing page by applying industry best practices.