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Higher Education is changing at a rapid pace. At JMH, we examine those trends and believe in sharing our findings with the industry. Below is a list of recent blog posts and articles written by JMH team members. If you have a blog topic, which you would like to hear more about, please send an email to our President, Nicole Foerschler Horn, at nfoerschler@jmhconsulting.com.

Encouraging Commitment and Convincing Them To Pick You

Part Three of Three Part Series Recap: We divided the enrollment funnel into three parts to ease the funnel’s complexity. In our first article, we analyzed the awareness stage and discussed the importance of creating content that [...]

Encourage Your Prospects to Take the Next Step

Part Two of Three Part Series Recap: Welcome to part two of our three-part series on Content Marketing. Last month, we discussed the start of the prospect’s journey – the awareness stage - where your content [...]

Act II: Balancing Life as an Adult Student

  It’s no secret that obtaining an advanced degree is a huge commitment. When you factor in the additional demands encountered by adults who are returning to school, the list can add up quickly. Adult [...]

What To Do in a GDPR World?

If you’re like me, you’ve received hundreds of emails in the last month explaining newly-updated privacy polices from any and all companies with whom you’ve ever interacted. As you may know, this sudden onslaught of [...]