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Higher Education is changing at a rapid pace. At JMH, we examine those trends and believe in sharing our findings with the industry. Below is a list of recent blog posts and articles written by JMH team members. If you have a blog topic, which you would like to hear more about, please send an email to our President, Nicole Foerschler Horn, at nfoerschler@jmhconsulting.com.

A Few New Tips For Engaging with Your Prospects

Jennifer John The value of well-designed marketing efforts to obtain qualified prospective student leads goes without saying. At JMH Consulting, we continually monitor the marketing channels that produce the highest conversions at the best costs [...]

Man vs. Machine: How a CRM Can Only Do Part of the Job

Angela Honaker In order to effectively follow up with prospective students, it is vital to have a customer relationship system in place. This could be as simple as an Excel document to capture basic information, [...]

Why Writing Style Matters for Content Marketing

Journalists have the Associated Press Stylebook. English professors have the Modern Language Association (MLA) Format. Even Buzzfeed staff members have millennial jargon. When it comes to content β€” digital or print β€” how you say things is arguably just as important as what you say.