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Higher Education is changing at a rapid pace. At JMH, we examine those trends and believe in sharing our findings with the industry. Below is a list of recent blog posts and articles written by JMH team members. If you have a blog topic, which you would like to hear more about, please send an email to our President, Nicole Foerschler Horn, at nfoerschler@jmhconsulting.com.

The Advantage of Taking Summer Classes

More and more, summer classes have become a great way to accelerate your college education or catch up from being behind. The summer terms often allow students to take scarcely offered and/or high-demand classes that [...]

A Few New Tips For Engaging with Your Prospects

Jennifer John The value of well-designed marketing efforts to obtain qualified prospective student leads goes without saying. At JMH Consulting, we continually monitor the marketing channels that produce the highest conversions at the best costs [...]

Man vs. Machine: How a CRM Can Only Do Part of the Job

Angela Honaker In order to effectively follow up with prospective students, it is vital to have a customer relationship system in place. This could be as simple as an Excel document to capture basic information, [...]